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We offer business consultancy services to major analytical instrument manufacturers to support and grow their business in the region. Our service include technical marketing, application support and channel management.

We have been serving Frontier Lab (Market Leader in Analytical Pyrolyzer) to support their business in SEA and India from 2017.

Frontier Laboratories

Frontier Laboratories is a Japanese Organization that produces an Innovative Analytical Pyrolysis system which is developed based on Micro Furnace Technology. Pyrolyzer in combination with GC/GCMS offer a powerful tool for material characterization in different industries. To learn more about Frontier Lab, please visit their website 


Frontier Laboratories is a market leader in Analytical Pyrolysis and produce Range of Micro Furnace Pyrolyzers and unique Ultra Alloy Metal Capillary Columns. For more details on each product and accessories, please below Icon. If you have any inquiry or questions regarding our PY system and applications, please contact our consultant Dr Sathrugnan Karthikeyan (

Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer

Single Micro Reactor

Ultra Alloy Capillary Column